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-First Aid & Incredibly Afraid-

by Kelly Enos on September 17, 2020

I can’t even put into words how protective you are over this little person when they are born. You are constantly using your best “super vision” to triple check that babies chest is moving up and down, or hold your finger under their nose to check. If they projectile vomit you’re worried about why they did that? The ist of worry is endless... We actually rung 111, five times in the first three weeks of bringing George home….due to things like projectile vomiting… I know, I know… pathetic. I must give a MASSIVE thank you to whoever answered those phone calls. You never made me feel silly for ringing, you always calmed me down and always told me to call back if I was worried. So, thank you.

It was when George was around two months old where I decided enough was enough when it came to worrying, and I booked myself and my partner onto a first aid course for babies and toddlers. WHY THIS ISNT MANDATORY I’LL NEVER KNOW!

It was a one-hour session and we covered all the basics; chocking, burns and CPR. If you are expecting, have a 3 week old or even a 5 year old PLEASE go to a first aid course! I think it cost us around £25 and it’s the best £25 I’d ever spent.

We had used two of the three things we learnt at the first aid course by the time George was 8 months old. Let that sink in for a second….

Story time:

So, George has never been the best eater. When I say that I don’t mean he’s picky. I mean he’s greedy and lazy. He would shove food into his mouth and simply couldn’t be arsed to chew…. One day when he was around 7 months old, I gave him a finger sized slice of cucumber. I turned my back for half a second. In that time he began chocking… he let out a cry where he was clearly terrified and needed help. I shouted my partner and we ripped George out of his highchair faster than an Aldi checkout employer scans your tin of beans. My partner was freaking out, he went lily white and tried to hold George in the air but at the same time started hitting his back. It was then, at that moment where my survival mum mode just kicked in. It all came flooding back, the first aid course. I knew exactly what I needed to do. I grabbed George from my partner and took him down to the floor, placed him over my knee and was supporting his head as I gave him 5 back blows upwards to get this food out of his throat.

It felt like a half an hour ordeal, but it was only 20 seconds or so. I’m still trying my hardest to get this piece of cucumber out of his throat and I’m thinking “this is taking too long” but I’ve still got my big boy pants on and keep checking his face to see if he is going blue. After 30 seconds of back blows there it was this huge bit of cucumber. George let out a cry and I just flipped him around, still sat on the floor of the kitchen, wrapped his legs around my waist and held him into my chest. It was at this point where all the emotion hit at once, scared, traumatised, relieved and proud I just burst into tears with George. My partner was still lily white sat on the stairs composing himself… Me and George sat on the floor cuddling for around 20 minutes afterwards. I couldn’t let him go. He ended up drifting off into a deep sleep. We rang 111 (surprise surprise) to check that he was going to be ok and we were a little concerned about the falling straight to sleep after it. The doctor rang us back and told us that sometimes when babies have a bit of a traumatic experience, they “reboot” similar to computers...their nervous system has a little rest to check everything is working well.

After about 15 minutes George was back playing with his toys and happy as Larry…like nothing had happened. This was hands down the scariest moment of my life. Before George, I did ok with pressure but I always imagined if I was needed in a life or death situation I would flap… not the case. I was so shocked that I didn’t freak out, I just did what I needed to do. My emotions and feelings just seemed to take a back seat. You constantly surprise yourself when you become a parent. Its when you realise that you’re a different person now.

What I want to get through with this blog is without doing that course I dread to think what would of happened. I know I would of flapped. I know I wouldn’t be able to save him, I know I would of been completely out of my depth with it…. So… What I’m trying to say is;

A) Please consider doing a first aid course!!!

B) Please don’t feel pressured into giving your baby “finger foods” by anyone. I still wont give George finger foods and he’s 14 months old now. Instead I cut things into small pieces and he picks them up himself. It works for us and that’s all that matters. George only got his first tooth at 12 months old and now he only has two.

There’s a lot of pressure to let your child feed themselves and a lot of “don’t worry if they gag, that’s normal”. It might be normal but I’m not comfortable with it and after the cucumber incident I was NOT doing that again. Maybe when George has more teeth, I’ll start to introduce finger foods but for now, we are happy doing what we are doing.

We’ll go more into feeding in the next blog….

See you in the next one, stay safe.

All our love,

Kelly & George x

Here’s the link for the First Aid Course we went on; https://www.minifirstaid.co.uk/

I’ve even popped a link for a First Aid App here; https://www.nhs.uk/apps-library/baby-and-child-first-aid/

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